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STREE — Survival Analysis Trees

This is the Website for downloading Heping Zhang's STREE program. By using this program, the users agree (1) to bear their full responsibility as the consequence of using this program; (2) to acknowledge the use of STREE; and (3) to cite the following reference in publications:

  • H.P. Zhang and B. Singer. (2010) Recursive Partitioning and Applications, Springer, New York.


  • stree*: These are the executable codes compiled on various systems. You can type in the datafile name as a parameter. Assume the missing values are either "." or "NA".
  • sample.dat: This is a sample data file. The first row indicates the type of covariates. "d" implies deleting that covariate from the analysis; "o" implies a continuous or an ordinal covariate; "n" implies a nominal covariate; "r" implies the outcome; "c" is for censoring indicator (1=death, 0=alive).
  • sample.inf: This is the output file of sample.dat. The file can be read as follows:
  • Column 1: node number. Node 1 is the root node.
  • Column 2: number of subjects in the node, e.g., 2418 subjects in node 2.
  • Column 3: left daughter node, e.g. node 2 is the left daughter node of node 1.
  • Column 4: right daughter node, e.g. node 3 is the right daughter node of node 1.
  • Column 5: The splitting variables. For example, variable 1 splits node 1.
  • Column 6: The splitting value corresponds to the splitting variable.
  • The postscript file for the final tree that can be viewed and printed.


The latest version is revised on Dec 7, 2000. We provide executable files for three platforms.
  • Sun Solaris: Compiled on Solaris 8 with gcc 2.95.2.
  • Linux: Compiled on RedHat 7.0 with gcc 2.96.
  • Windows: Compiled on Windows 2000 with Visual C++ 6.0.

Download STREE: I agree the terms for using STREE