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MASAL — Multivariate Adaptive Splines for Analysis of Longitudinal Data

This is the Website for downloading Heping Zhang's MASAL program. By using this program, the users agree (1) to bear their full responsibility as the consequence of using this program; (2) to acknowledge the use of MASAL; and (3) to cite the following references in publications:

  • H.P. Zhang and B. Singer. (1999) Recursive Partitioning in the Health Sciences, Springer, New York.
  • H.P. Zhang. (1997) Multivariate adaptive splines for longitudinal data. Journal of Computational and Graphic Statistics, 6: 74-91.
  • H.P. Zhang,. (1999) Analysis of infant growth curves using MASAL. Biometrics, 55: 452-459.
  • H.P. Zhang. (2004) Multivariate adaptive splines in the analysis of longitudinal and growth curve data. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 13, 63-82.

Standalone Executable Version

For a standalone version, please read the README file before you download the program. The program was compiled on both SUN platform with Solaris 2.6 (click here to download) and Windows (click here to download).

These programs were first posted on 11/26/2001 and updated on 7/30/2009.

R Version for Windows

For the R version, please read the installation instruction file before you download the zipped package. A user manual is available for more information about the method and usage.

This package was posted on 11/19/2009.