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RTREE — Classification Trees for Risk Profile and Diagnosis

This is the Website for downloading Heping Zhang's RTREE program. By using this program, the users agree (1) to bear their full responsibility as the consequence of using this program; (2) to acknowledge the use of RTREE; and (3) to cite the following reference in their publications:

  • H.P. Zhang and B. Singer. (1999) Recursive Partitioning in the Health Sciences, Springer, New York.

Please read the README file first before you download the program. The program was compiled on two platforms, so please download the appropriate one for your need, Solaris, Linux, and Windows. Please make sure that you have the execuatable mode for the program if you use a UNIX version.

If you wish to practice the program before using it, you can download a sample data set and its output in text format and in Postscript file.