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SaRa — Sreening and Ranking algorithm for CNV detection

The Screening and Ranking algorithm can detect chromosome copy number variants fastly and accurately with computational complexity in the order of O(n). This program implements the methods described in

  • Niu and Zhang. The screening and ranking algorithm to detect DNA copy number variations. Ann. Appl. Stat. 6,1306-1326, (2012).
  • Hao, Niu and Zhang. Multiple change-point detection via a screening and ranking algorithm. Statistica Sinica 23 (2013).

To obtain and run SaRa (Windows based version 1.1), please download the zipped file, and follow the following steps in R:

  • Type the R command: setwd("C:\\SaRa") #this is the folder where the zipped file is saved.
  • Select "packages" on the top of R Gui, choose "install package from local zip file," and select the "" file.
  • Type the R command: library(SaRa)