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Unfunded studies

  • Short-term contacts (1-2 hours) at any stage of the project at no charge to the investigator
  • Longer-term involvement (e.g., data analysis) on a fee-for-service basis. The hourly rate is set by the University. Based on the timeline outlined in the analysis plan, our statisticians will be able to give an estimate of hours required for the project.

Grant preparation

  • Study design and statistical analysis, including sample size estimates
    • Provided at no charge to Yale investigators provided that YCAS is budgeted in the grant.
    • Otherwise, fee-for-service.

Funded studies

  • Percent Effort
    • Include YCAS in the budget of the original grant, coordinated with our senior administrative assistant.
    • YCAS charges an additional 15% of YCAS budgeted salary and fringe for operating costs.
  • Fee-for-Service
    • We offer an hourly rate set by Yale University.