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Working with YCAS

The YCAS team can aid researchers in a wide variety of ways, from pre-design advice to manuscript preparation and revision. We will ensure that research is being conducted using sound analytical principles and practice by helping to develop testable hypotheses ensuring adequate sample size as well as appropriate analytical methods and proper interpretation of analyses. YCAS faculty and staff interact with clinical investigators in the following ways:

  • Collaboration
  • Short-term consultation
  • Data analysis

Together we can assess your needs whether to collaborate or simply provide short-term consultation. Please fill out the YCAS Intake Form to set up a consultation. Our first meeting is free and without obligation.


In a collaborative relationship, analytical scientists engage in all aspects of research design, conduct, analysis and interpretation. They are full partners in your research and are typically familiar with aspects of the field (Berman N, Guillon C. Working with a Statistician. From: Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 404: Topics in Biostatistics. Edited by W.T. Ambrosius, Human Press Inc., Totowa, NJ.) For NIH funded studies they would be listed in the Key Personnel as co-investigators. In addition to the mutual benefits to the clinician and analytical scientist, collaborative relations frequently lead to advances in methodology to more efficiently answer research questions.

Short-term Consultation

YCAS also assists clinical investigators in a more limited capacity by providing short-term advice and consultation. Consultations are limited in time and scope and usually revolve around a specific task such as providing advice on the design of a study, performing a sample size calculation or helping to choose an appropriate analytic strategy. Office hours or a free clinic may be the most appropriate avenue.

Data Cleaning and Analysis

Oftentimes the analysis process requires putting the data "into shape", i.e. working with the researcher so that their data is ready to be analyzed. This can be a labor intensive and challenging process unless data has been carefully managed. Data analysis and preparation for data analysis is available at an hourly rate and need not constitute an authorship unless significant interpretation accompanies the analysis. But, again, the terms of this interaction must be explicitly recognized and articulated in advance.

Research and Design Clinics, and Analytics Clinics

Recognizing that budget constraints can inhibit investigators from turning to statistical scientists for assistance, the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences (YCAS) offers free office hours, weekly research and design clinics and analytic clinics to meet the needs of researchers at the schools of medical and public health. Click here to schedule office hours or use our YCAS Intake Form to request a research and design clinic or analytic clinic.