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General Information

What is
  • Is the largest online trial registration and results reporting repository in the world
  • Includes published and non-published studies
What is Yale’s policy on clinical trials registration and reporting?
Why should I register my study/report results?
Trial registration and reporting:
  • Fulfills regulatory requirements
  • Fulfills ethical obligations to study participants, the public and the medical/scientific community
  • Reduces publication bias and disseminate crucial scientific information

For more detail see:

For data comparing Yale with other major universities on reporting requirements see: UAEM | Clinical Trials Transparency - The role of universities in a more equitable biomedical R&D system (

What study information does require?

When registering your study, you will be asked to:

  • Describe the study and timeline
  • List relevant personnel and their contact information
  • Identify the design, outcomes, eligibility criteria

When reporting results, you will be asked to:

  • Describe the patient flow
  • Present participants’ baseline characteristics
  • Complete analyses for primary and secondary study outcomes
  • List serious and other adverse events
  • Upload the study protocol, including the statistical analysis plan
  • Upload consent documents if required by the funder. See “Are there other documents that I need to submit?” below.