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William Wallace-Gomez Orr

Contact Information

William Wallace-Gomez Orr


High School: Langley High School, McLean, VA

Graduation date: June 2022

Attended Young Scholars: 2021

“I first heard about biostatistics while studying epidemiology, and as I learned more about it, I became curious about the role of biostatisticians in research and their impact on the world. Through the YCAS Young Scholars program, I was able to participate in a project that gave me a better understanding of how medical research is conducted, and more importantly, how to create a well-designed experiment and communicate its findings effectively. In addition to pursuing my interest in biostatistics, I discovered related fields, such as data science. In the future, I hope to study biostatistics and explore its application to epidemiology.”

Additionally, while I was first researching summer biostatistics programs, like the YCAS Young Scholars program, I discovered many great opportunities for students interested in biostatistics. Because there was no single place to look for these resources, I created a website called Biostatistics for All that highlights summer programs, scholarships, career information, etc. available for students from high school to graduate school. Although the website emphasizes opportunities for students from underrepresented groups in biostatistics, it has resources for everyone.