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Nicole Kogan

Contact Information

Nicole Kogan


High school - Hopkins School, New Haven, CT

Graduation date - June 2014

Attended Young Scholars in 2012

Young Scholars instructor - 2014

College - S.B., MIT, 2018 Major - Biological Engineering

Current position - Biomedical Data Scientist, nference (Cambridge, MA)

"My experience with the Young Scholars program - both as student and instructor - has had a tremendous impact on my academic and post-academic trajectories. My choice of major at MIT was chiefly inspired by a presentation Dr. Guido Wollmann gave during the program in 2012 on the potential use of certain viruses in cancer treatment. My current work as a data scientist has also been helped by my participation in the program, as I often turn to the R programming skills I developed then for my work. In the longer term, I aim to go to graduate school to study epidemiology, a field to which I was first exposed as a Young Scholar."