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SUN Global Gathering 2019 Workshop

5-7 November 2019
Despite abundant scientific knowledge about best practices to prevent or ameliorate the most pressing malnutrition problems, low, middle and high-income countries often fail substantially to scale up effective programs as result of lack of evidence-informed systems, appropriate policy tools and sustainable implementation.

Ending malnutrition depends on delivering integrated programs generated and implemented through evidence-informed advocacy, political will, legislation & policy, funding & cost, effective implementation of programs, behavior-change communication campaigns, monitoring & evaluation, and strategic coordination.

This workshop aims to highlight and share experiences from a comprehensive scientific participatory approach in the area of scaling up breastfeeding ( recently implemented by 8 countries across 5 world regions, including Ghana, Myanmar and Germany. The participants will be enabled to develop strategic scaling up plans for their national contexts.



Background information

Rafael Pérez-Escamilla First Presentation

Country Presentation

Rafael Pérez-Escamilla Presentation

Country Policy Briefs and Recommendations:

Breastfeeding Gear Model publication