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BBF Technical Advisory Group

The BBF Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprises international academic and policy experts in breastfeeding and index development relevant to scaling up of health and nutrition programs. In October 2015, the TAG convened at Yale University for a three-day, highly intensive participatory meeting to discuss and reach consensus on the BBFI content and benchmarks. Following this meeting, TAG members continued to provide their expertise with the weighting of the benchmarks and development of the BBF scoring algorithm.

In July 2017, the TAG reconvened and, along with representatives from Mexico, Ghana, Myanmar, Samoa and Germany, heard about progress since the first TAG meeting and provided their feedback and guidance on current BBF activities and future directions. This two-day event was also an information-sharing platform for BBF countries to discuss their experiences and ask questions. This meeting laid the foundation for the future of BBF.

The Yale BBF team are extremely grateful to the TAG members for giving their time and expertise so generously.

BBF TAG members:

  • Alison Tumilowicz (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Switzerland)
  • Ashley Fox (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, US)
  • Chessa Lutter (RTI International and University of Maryland School of Public Health, US)
  • Fiona Clare Dykes (University of Central Lancashire, UK)
  • France Begin (UNICEF)
  • Larry Grummer-Strawn (World Health Organization, Switzerland)
  • Leslie Curry (Yale University, US)
  • Marcia Griffiths (The Manoff Group, US)
  • Nemat Hajeebhoy (The Gates Foundation, US)
  • Richmond Aryeetey (University of Ghana, Ghana)
  • Roger Mathisen (Alive and Thrive, SE Asia)
  • Rukhsana Haider (Training and Assistance for Health and Nutrition, Bangladesh)
  • Sonia Semenic (McGill University, Canada)
  • Teresita González de Cosío (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico)