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Countries implementing BBF

  • Early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding of young children are essential components of Ghana’s Infant and Young Child Feeding Strategy.
  • The BBF team at the Universidad Iberoamericana is leading the BBF process in Mexico.
  • BBF implementation began in September 2017, coordinated by the Gesund ins Leben network at the Federal Centre for Nutrition and the National Breastfeeding Committee.

  • The BBF team at the University of Kent is leading the BBF process in Great Britain
  • Breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health and well-being for infants and mothers, and is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations Children’s Fund and World Health Organization recommends 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding, as it provides adequate nutrition for optimal growth and development. Despite the fact that 81% of infants are breastfed within the first hour of birth, only 70% are exclusively breastfed for six months in Samoa.

    In consultation with the Samoa Ministry of Health, an 8-member BBF committee with membership from the National Health Services, Ministry of Education Sports and Culture, Public Service Commission, Samoa Red Cross, Samoa Family Health Association, National University of Samoa, Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour, Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development was established to implement the process. The committee held four meetings between January and July 2018. Using a rigorous scoring process, the BBF committee scored the national BBF performance and reached consensus on the 8 gears using best available evidence.

    The Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly process identified gaps in the national breastfeeding programming. The following are the key recommended actions presented to decision makers to address the gaps.

    • Develop and Implement a National Breastfeeding Policy and Strategic Action Plan
    • Strengthen capacity to monitor and evaluate all breastfeeding activities
    • Ratify International Labour Organization Maternity Protection Convention 2000
    • Have champions on Breastfeeding to become role models to advocate for breastfeeding
    • Create a national budget line for breastfeeding activities
    • Seek and hire a national counsellor and trainer position for breastfeeding
  • The National Nutrition Center and Save the Children are leading BBF implementation in Myanmar.