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Great Britain

Led by a team at the University of Kent, Great Britain ~ England, Scotland and Wales ~ began implementing BBF in April 2018. The countries are in various stages of disseminating BBF results and recommendations as describe below


Led by the a team at the University of Kent, England launched the BBF initiative on April 4, 2018. The results and recommendations will be available in Winter 2019.


Scotland Score 2019

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with the team at the University of Kent, began implementing the BBF in May 2018. Key recommendations to promote breastfeeding in Scotland were released in June 2019 as a call to action.

Key recommendations:

  • Strengthening and coordinating breastfeeding messages across Scotland
  • Reinforcing political will for breastfeeding among high level decision makers
  • Ensuring consistent, long term government funding commitments underpin Scotland's multi-component breastfeeding strategy
  • Promoting a supportive return to work environment for breastfeeding women through greater awareness and application of maternity, employment and child care provisions
  • Strengthening, enforcing and monitoring legislation in Scotland that supports the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent relevant WHA resolutions
  • Developing coordinated, consistent and evidence-based learning outcomes across education and training programmes, based on role-appropriate competency frameworks
  • Ensuring families have equitable access to evidence-based infant feeding support when and how they need it through multi-component, structured models of care
  • Ensuring reliable, comprehensive, explanatory and comparable data on Infant Feeding for monitoring and commissioning purposes

For further details, see the Scotland final report - June 2019.


In collaboration with Public Health Wales and the BBF team at the University of Kent, Wales launched the BBF initiative on April 18, 2018. The results and recommendations will be available in 2019.

Tweet announcing: Launching Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Wales in Cardiff yesterday

Wales 1st mtg

Additional publication: Update from Unicef's Baby Friendly Initiative - June 2018