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Public Health Entrepreneurship

InnovateHealth Yale is thrilled to have Dr. Teresa Chahine as one of our affiliated faculty.

Dr. Teresa Chahine is the inaugural Sheila and Ron ’92 B.A. Marcelo Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at Yale School of Management. She is the author of "Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship," a twelve-step framework for building impactful ventures in new and existing organizations.

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The Cross-Section of Business & Society: Social Entrepreneurship Lab

Check out public health students engaging with Professor Theresa Chahine's Social Entrepreneurship Lab class based out of the Yale School of Management. This class is a practice-based course in which students from across campus form interdisciplinary teams to work on a social challenge of their choice. Over the course of thirteen weeks, student teams delve into understanding the challenge through root cause analysis, research on existing solutions and populations affected, then apply human-centered design thinking and systems thinking to design prototype, test, and iterate solutions.