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Latest News in Social Entrepreneurship

Spring Health Notches A $190 Million Series C At A $2 Billion Valuation, Making CEO April Koh The Youngest Woman To Run A Unicorn

During her undergraduate years at Yale University, April Koh learned firsthand how frustrating and expensive it can be to find effective help for mental health illnesses. Her best friend and roommate cycled through multiple doctors and medications for an eating disorder, and ultimately needed a leave of absence to secure treatment; Koh, meanwhile, was dealing with her own mental health issues and struggling to find the right course of treatment.

Source: Forbes
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  • YSPH Student Wins Global Competition, $25K

    A Yale School of Public Health student’s ambitious proposal to create upcycling makerspaces for recycling in developing nations with high waste mismanagement has won the Reimagine Challenge 2020 Global Competition.

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  • For These Health Entrepreneurs, Luck Isn’t the Full Story

    Two leading industry investors spoke to a virtual gathering Wednesday (January 27) to tell a Yale School of Public Health audience about their paths to success. Titled “Health Entrepreneurship: How to Really Make an Impact,” the hour-long discussion featured Shaklee Corporation CEO Roger Barnett and Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen as they gave advice and encouraged students to follow their entrepreneurial ambitions.

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  • Pills2Me program helps elderly access medications during pandemic

    Protecting the most vulnerable population is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pills2Me program is making sure the elderly still have access to their medications without leaving their home. Pharmacist and Student at Yale School of Public Health, Leslie Asanga, is also the founder of Pills2Me and he explains how this free delivery program works in the video above. For more information, you can go to

    Source: WTNH
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  • New Wristband Monitors Personal Exposure to Air Pollution

    Whether it comes from second-hand cigarette smoke, motor vehicle exhaust, building materials or the fumes from household cleaning supplies, toxic air is all around us. Doctors and scientists are notably concerned about air pollution as it ranks among the top 10 global health risks associated with non-communicable diseases. Organic air pollutants have been shown to contribute to respiratory and cardiac disease as well as reproductive and neurobehavioral problems.

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  • ‘One’ Episode 3: Public Health scholars blend arts and tech to boost energy

    In episode #3 of the Schwarzman Center web series, One, Taiga Christie interviews Tanya Yajnik and Yuwen Qiu about their recent collaboration, Agora Good Life, an energy-focused wellness app that is set to launch this summer. Yajnik and Qiu explain how their intersecting interests in arts and public health research inspired the app’s development. Yajnik, a skilled musician, concludes the segment with an aria from her spring recital that was postponed due to physical distancing.

    Source: Yale News
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