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Innovate Health Yale Past Recipients

Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education

Upkeep, Thorne Prize Winner, 2024
Upkeep is a comprehensive resource database empowered with conversational AI to streamline support access for older adults and their family caregivers. They aim to support older adults and caregivers through tools such as healthcare navigation, administrative task assistance, and weekly check-ins.

Carys Cares, Thorne Prize Winner, 2023
Carys Cares is the award-winning social enterprise based in Indonesia committed to stop the pity-party, and embrace our Down Syndrome community.

The Educator Wellness Project, Thorne Prize Winner, 2022
The Educator Wellness Project supports well-being and retention of teachers through individualized wellness coaching, small group healing circles, and social-emotional learning resources. Recent news: They have coached over 600 educators, and are partnered with 35 schools across the country. They provide personalized coaching for their educators and staff and currently have 50 trained Edwell coaches on the team.

Sprxng, Thorne Prize Winner, 2021
Sprxng is the first, reusable menstrual product that includes a treatment for menstrual pains. The product was engineered with menstruators in humanitarian settings such as refugee camps, menstruators in rural settings, and menstruators with disabilities in mind. Recent news: Sprxng was recently awarded the Pozen Social Innovation Prize that is awarded to a solution that improves the lives of women and girls. They have been selected as 1 of 10 teams to join the inaugural cohort for MIT Solv[ed] youth innovators cohort.

UrPharm/Pills2Me, Thorne Prize Winner, 2020
Urpharm aims to facilitate access to authentic drugs in sub-saharan Africa by providing a platform by which patients can easily locate these drugs, compare prices between pharmacies and purchase the drugs with just a few clicks. Pills2Me is a pharmacist-founded pharmacy delivery service that picks up your prescriptions from any pharmacy and delivers to you in as little as 30 minutes. Recent news: Pills2Me joined the Techstars NYC Class of Spring 2022 and recently partnered with Google, receiving a $150,000 non-dilutive cash award, up to $100,000 Google Cloud Credits, and access to Google's resources to help take them to the next level.

EdSightful , Thorne Prize Winner, 2019
Edsightful is an application that helps schools more effectively run their instructional coaching and teacher evaluation programs. Recent news: They are continuing to work with many of the same schools and districts and have added some new districts this year.

EasyEC, Thorne Prize Winner, 2018
Easy EC is an award-winning tool to help young people access emergency contraception.

BridgeYear, Thorne Prize Winner, 2017
BridgeYear delivers career exploration and support services to high school seniors. They provides "career test drives," pathway mapping, and traditional mapping to navigate community college to gain employment or transfer to four-year colleges. Recent News: To date, they have also reached over 650 educators to provide resources and training. Recently, they have hosted the first in person Postsecondary Conference , in collaboration with UpSkill Houston.

Spring, Thorne Prize Winner, 2016
Spring Health is an AI-enabled online mental health clinic for employee mental wellness. They have been featured on NBC News, Crain’s, Forbes & STAT. Recent News: They have been named one of the “Next Big Things in Tech” by Fast Company—and are the only mental health company celebrated for leading the way in technology this year. They have also recently been named one of the world’s 50 top private venture-backed companies disrupting the status quo. In 2021 , Spring Health received a $190 million series C at a $2 billion valuation, making CEO April Koh the youngest woman to run a unicorn.

Khushi Baby, Thorne Prize Winner, 2014
Khushi Baby focuses on tying tradition with technology to uplift community healthcare, especially reproductive and child health (RCH), for underserved populations in rural India. The vision involves scaling across India and building a digital integrated community health platform which covers all national programs. Recent News: Over the last 11 years they have grown into a 65-member team, now serving as the nodal Technical Support Partner to the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Rajasthan. Khushi Baby was recognized as one of the winners of Marico Innovation Foundation's Innovation for India Awards 2023.

Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation Winners

Raise Green, Aetna Prizer Winner, 2018
Raise Green is a financial technology platform for community-driven project finance. We empower all individuals with the tools they need to create and invest directly into climate solution projects, like community solar. Recent News: In 2022, they won Environmental Finance Impact Investing Platform of the Year.

MyHealthEd, Aetna Prizer Winner, 2017
Mobile app known as Real Talk that uses stories written by teenagers to engage middle school students on topics surrounding sexual health. Recent news: Real Talk has reached over 25,000 users world wide with over 4,000 stories shared and more than 10,000 resources accessed.

Seed Grant Winners

Upkeep, Seed Grant Winner, 2023
Upkeep is a comprehensive resource database empowered with conversational AI to streamline support access for older adults and their family caregivers. Upkeep will offer monthly plans where users will be given a personal care coordinator that will provide healthcare navigation, administrative task assistance, and weekly check-ins.

De-Stress, Seed Grant Winner, 2023
De-Stress, a personalized mental healthcare and productivity app that guides students and professionals to manage daily stressors with the help of an AI buddy. The idea of a "buddy" is to convey the mode of operation; a conversational and interactive friend that recognizes the "overwhelming situation" and offers to help right when you need it.

Make Deaths Count, Seed Grant Winner, 2023
MakeDeathsCount, is a global health data company that develops mortality surveillance systems in Low-&-Middle Income Countries through partnerships with Ministries of Health and NGOs.

Lucid Care Labs, Seed Grant Winner, 2023
Lucid Care Labs is a mental health diagnostic and monitoring platform that brings longitudinal patient data to inform clinical decision making. They do this by building a comprehensive database of real-world evidence from self-reporting, digital biomarkers, online behavior, sociodemographic data, and biological tests.

Protecta Clothing, Seed Grant Winner, 2023
Protecta seeks to create an innovative pant for older adults that includes protection for the hip and coccyx. Protecta pants are unique as there is no product in the market that has hip protection with a comfortable and modern look for older adults.

Magenta Mind, Seed Grant Winner, 2023
Magenta Mind is a pending NGO that confronts the pervasive mental health crisis in Syria, a consequence of prolonged conflict in Syria marked by collective violence and displacement over a decade.

NoirUnited International, Seed Grant Winner, 2022
NoirUnited International (NUI) is an international NGO focused on centering Black and other marginalized people in creating development solutions for their communities. NoirUnited provides community-based development interventions to address social, economic, and political challenges primarily in African descent communities across the globe. NoirUnited also provides life-saving humanitarian assistance in response to varying crises that affect vulnerable communities.

Balma Health, Seed Grant Winner, 2022
Balma Health champions the creation of innovative do-it-yourself public health educational tools to help communicate difficult health information to children in an empowering manner. We seek to transform the way children understand healthcare concepts and, ultimately, improve patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes.

First Mile Health, Seed Grant Winner, 2022
First Mile Health is a platform solution that enables on-demand scheduling of healthcare and medical-social services. We are committed to building the community health ecosystem via home visits, developing locally and culturally sensitive connections, and providing an alternative to inefficient labor markets.

Eje le Eje, Seed Grant Winner, 2022
Eje le Eje aims to help underprivileged children from single-mother households in Ethiopia access basic education. We help sponsor these children to go to school and help their mothers acquire skills to empower them economically. Recent news: They currently sponsor two children to attend local private kindergartens. In the near future, they hope to increase the number of students they sponsor.

Health News Around the World , Seed Grant Winner, 2021
Health News Around the World is a weekly health newsletter designed to combat health information online.

Host Health, Seed Grant Winner, 2021
Host Health is focused on designing an innovative solution to tackle the disparities in migrant health education in the US.

Mobile Memory , Seed Grant Winner, 2021
Mobile Memory is committed to developing an AI/ML algorithm to analyze speech patterns and assess an individual’s likelihood for onset of dementia in the future.

NüHer , Seed Grant Winner, 2021
NüHer is focused on providing personalized mental healthcare for diverse communities with a focus on multilingual and multicultural services. Recent news: The team finished a summer fellowship with Tsai CITY and are raising a seed round.

RDonCall, Seed Grant Winner, 2021
RDonCall is an integrated telehealth-management platform designed to empower people with chronic disease to live up to their full potential and eliminate health disparity by offering affordable and people-centered healthcare management.

CtrlTrial , Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2020
Patient recruitment for clinical trials is a problem with African American and Hispanic patients in particular having been historically underrepresented. CtrlTrial is an AI-powered tool to help physicians identify patients for clinical trials to solve inequitable under-recruitment of patients to clinical trials within their catchment area.

Elevation Med Prep Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2020
Lack of racial, socioeconomic, and geographic diversity in medicine is a rate-limiting factor in efforts to eliminate health care disparities. Elevation Gateway offers medical school admissions consulting services and envisions a day when socioeconomic barriers, social connections, and access to information are no longer contributing factors to medical school acceptance. Recent news: They have formalized a partnership with New Haven Public School students and have been selected as a client of Yale Law School’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Clinic.

Sprxng, Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2020
Sprxng is the first, reusable menstrual product that includes a treatment for menstrual pains. The product was engineered with menstruators in humanitarian settings such as refugee camps, menstruators in rural settings, and menstruators with disabilities in mind. Recent news: They have been selected as 1 of 10 teams Managing Director to join the inaugural cohort for MIT Solv[ed] youth innovators cohort.

Let's Diversifi , Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2020
DiversifiMedEd is a web-based platform where students who self-identify as historically underrepresented in medicine can connect with medical schools, residency programs, and fellowships across the country. Applicants can interface with trainees of color, and program leadership through multiple live sessions to gain insight into the inclusivity of the learning environment prior to the decision to apply.

Origin Healthcare Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2020
Origin Healthcare provides high touch, acute hospital level care in the home, through a combination of daily in-person and Telehealth visits from an expert medical team, empowering patients by providing them a choice to meet their acute hospital level healthcare needs. Recent news: Origin Healthcare is proud to be the recipient of a $250K grant from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade to further develop the technology platform that enables patients to receive advanced medical care at home, instead of in the hospital.

The Bandana Project Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2020
The Bandana Project is a grassroots mental health awareness and suicide prevention campaign aimed at reducing the stigmas of mental illnesses and seeking care on college campuses -giving folks the tools to support themselves and others - and more.

Cocoa360, Seed Grant Winner, 2019
Cocoa360 is pioneering a new model of development that leverages existing community resources to improve access to education and healthcare for rural cocoa farming communities. Our Tarkwa Breman Center of Excellence (TBCE) – a girls’ school, clinic, and community library – is situated in Tarkwa Breman, a cocoa farming community in the Western Ghana. In exchange for tuition-free education and subsidized healthcare services, community members work on a community-run cocoa farm. Cocoa360 has acquired a new 15-acre cocoa farm, six new water tanks, two new buses, and fully set up a library and computer room. In addition, the team is currently implementing a campaign called Giving Tuesday, in order to provide essential educational materials for the new Junior High School students.

BambooAbility, Seed Grant Winner, 2019 BambooAbility sees the development and design for manufacture of low-cost, durable, sustainable, purpose-built personal mobility equipment in order to support wheelchair users and others with mobility impairment in low-resource and tropical settings. Recent news: The team is currently in the process of raising seed funding and has begun a collaboration with the University of Uganda.

4Beez, Seed Grant Winner, 2019
4 Beez International's vision is to build a viable and sustainable Haiti for Haitians, by Haitians.

Agricore, Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2019
There is a rift between environmental scientists and ranchers, farmers, and land managers when it comes to soil analysis due to a lack of simple, scalable, and affordable soil-sampling and soil-testing methods. In-field carbon content light spectrometry could solve this problem; our company is making use of this technology possible.

Agora, Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2019
Agora Good Life, Inc. is an app connecting university students with wellness events, so they live their best lives. Agora aggregates and provides diverse, personalized wellness recommendations using a growth-mindset algorithm.

Fresh Air Wrist Band, Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2019
FreshAir wristband is a wearable tool for assessing personal exposure to environmental chemicals.

Enlighten, Rita Wilson Seed Grant Winner, 2019
Enlighten Naloxone Sensory Injector is a medical device start-up working to detect and reverse opioid overdose events. Enlighten has received funding from National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) to propel their work. Recent News: Enlighten was selected as one of twelve teams developing solutions that use advanced technology to address pressing societal needs in education, public health, environment, and peace and human rights as a part of the Verizon’s and the Clinton Global Health Initiative’s Forward for Good challenge. Recent news: This summer, three members of the Enlighten team received funding from and participated in the VentureWell accelerator, co-sponsored by Verizon and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Brio, Seed Grant Winner, 2018
Brio was founded in 2018 to develop an effective mental health design process to bring scalable services and training to vulnerable communities internationally. They provide local partners with human-centered design services and consultation, empowering them to build programs and interventions sustainably and strategically. Recent news: To date, Brio has generated contextualized and effective programs reaching more than 130,000 people directly. The most recent government adoption includes a teacher mental wellbeing program that is reaching 120,000 new teachers in the state of Bihar, India.

Source Development Hub, Seed Grant Winner, 2018
Source Development Hub is designing a software platform they call the Widely-Integrated Social Services Platform, or WISSP, to provide and maintain stable housing for at-risk tenants throughout Connecticut and beyond. WISSP is a service aimed to reduce evictions and homelessness for tenants, eviction-associated costs for landlords, and care burdens for social service providers, in New Haven, Connecticut. The goal of the platform is to develop an accurate metric to assess individual level housing vulnerability using input data from United Way’s 211 service, the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Coordinated Access Network (CAN) provider intake, internal platform surveys, and citywide markers of socioeconomic status, and to use that metric to improve housing outcomes. Recent news: SDH works with partners that address various spectra of homelessness and are currently working to develop the WISSP platform in Fairfield County.

Easy EC, Seed Grant Winner, 2017
Easy EC is an award-winning tool to help young people access emergency contraception.

RAMP Seed Grant Winner, 2017
RAMP (Resource Access Mapping Project) is a group working to create a multilingual mobile app that maps out the healthcare and social services, community programs, and public resources in the Greater New Haven area in order to alleviate barriers to access by presenting those services and resources in an accessible and accurate way.

YouCOMM, Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation non-Yale Seed Stage Award Winner, 2017
YouCOMM is an app designed for a smart device that enables the user to indicate their specific needs to caregiving staff, thus promoting efficiency and enhancing quality of care, designed specifically for hospitals, nursing homes and/ or outpatient care facilities. YouCOMM is a project from the University of Connecticut.

Bridging the Gap, Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation non-Yale Seed Stage Award Winner, 2017
Bridging the Gap provides low-income populations with accessible screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular risk factors, and then offers culturally sensitive patient education as well as assistance navigating the healthcare system and accessing providers. This is a project of the University of Bridgeport.

Better Care, Seed Grant Winner, 2016
Better Care aims to address implicit biases among physicians' as well as improving standards of care for patients prone to structural vulnerabilities such as food insecurity and housing instability via educational tools and reminders, which have been shown to have a positive impact on implicit bias.

Mindscope, Seed Grant Winner, 2016
MindScope is an app that improves doctor-patient communication about the "invisible" symptoms of patients with mental illnesses and brain diseases. This program is designed by patients, used by both doctors and patients as a diagnosis and treatment tool, and improves patient quality of life. The MindScope team is from Wesleyan University.

MyHealthEd, Seed Grant Winner, 2016
Real Talk from MyHealthEd is a mobile app that uses daily stories instead of traditional health messages to help middle school students learn about sexual health topics. All of the daily stories are written from four different perspectives and are presented as text message conversations. Recent news: Real Talk has reached over 25,000 users world wide with over 4,000 stories shared and more than 10,000 resources accessed.

RxAll, Seed Grant Winner, 2016
RxAll is an online marketplace platform for pharmacies in Africa that enables them to buy authentic healthcare products directly from verified and licensed pharma manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

Be Art, Seed Grant Winner, 2016
Be Art provides after-school programming to create safe spaces for open dialogue and skill-building around self-care in social and emotional wellness. It teaches mindfulness and creative self-expression to young women in underserved communities.

Rita Wilson Prize Fund in Support of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Ensight-AI, Rita Wilson Prize Winner, 2023
Ensight-AI represents a new paradigm in cardiovascular diagnosis through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to electrocardiograms (ECGs).

Adiona, Rita Wilson Prize Winner, 2022
Adiona uses novel analytics to predict the onset of key dementia symptoms from consumer-grade, wearable sensors. Recent news: In addition to receiving support from InnovateHealth Yale, they have received support from The National Institute of Aging (a sub-division of the NIH) and the University of Chicago Center for Comprehensive Care and Research on Memory Disorders.

Mindful Kala, Rita Wilson Prize Winner, 2021
Mindful Kala aims to help elevate mental and social well-being by utilizing Indian Classical Dance to explore mind-body movements and cultivate intercultural relationships. Recent news: They have been certified by WI Department of Public Instruction as an evidence-based social emotional learning tool, and have published an IRB-approved randomized clinical study on 4-week digital Mindful Kala course for students at Yale University. The course specifically seeks to help the quality of life outcomes and cultural competency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

KovaDx , Rita Wilson Prize Winner, 2020
KovaDx is making the diagnosis and monitoring of sickle cell disease patients faster, easier to perform, and more affordable. Recent news: In their work with Sickle Cell, they have developed an innovative Red Blood Cell Health Index.The device can be used to monitor drug candidates' therapeutic impacts in pre-clinical and clinical trials. They are currently completing research efforts for a NSF STTR Phase 1 grant.