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Academic Courses

Below are courses that are available to Yale students interested in global health innovation and entrepreneurship:

Taught by IHY affiliated faculty member, Dr. Teresa Chahine, the following courses are available to all Yale students. These courses are cross-listed at Yale School of Management and Yale School of Public Health.

Fall 2022: Social Entrepreneurship Lab

Social Entrepreneurship Lab is a practice-based course where students form teams to tackle a social or environmental challenge of their choice. This is an introductory course with no requirements, and you don't need to have an idea to join. You'll learn how to organize information about a topic of your choice, talk to people affected by it, design a solution and build a business plan around that solution. You'll meet guest social entrepreneurs from New Haven and around the world. You'll also read Dr. Chahine's textbook which covers all the basics, "Social Entrepreneurship: building impact step by step." SBS 512, M/W 4:10-5:30 or 6-7:20pm @SOM.

Spring 2023: Public Health Entrepreneurship

Public Health Entrepreneurship is a case-based course exploring social entrepreneurship and drivers of health. Drivers of health include poverty, racism, gender, employment, income, education, housing, nutrition, environment, and access to care. We analyze cases of entrepreneurship (startups), intrapreneurship (new ventures in existing organizations), and extrapreneurship (innovating across multiple institutions). All are welcome. Stay tuned for exact times in Spring 2. HPM 631, M/W @SOM.

Do you have an idea for a course? Is there something you’d like to learn related to global health innovation? Please share!