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  • The Tremendous Public Health Opportunity of Climate Action

    As the world experiences one climate change-related public health disaster after another, the declaration by a Lancet Commission of academics and editors of The Lancet medical journal in 2009 that climate change is “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century” is becoming more real.

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  • Climate Change and Mental Health: Thinking Beyond Disasters

    My path to researching climate change and mental health was indirect. I applied to graduate programs in clinical psychology with the goal of studying how social determinants of health shape the educational and mental health trajectories of members of marginalized populations.

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  • Gas Stoves and Public Health

    Kitchen stoves are mundane appliances, although cooking is often part of our most nostalgic memories. Growing up, my grandfather would pick me up from school. When I arrived at our Bronx apartment, I would find my grandmother at the stove making me a snack. My “favorite,” as I called it, was a plate of cut up hot dogs, French fries, and scrambled eggs.

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  • States Address Climate Change

    In a time defined by climate hazards and their profound impact on community health, the role of state governments in addressing these challenges has never been more crucial. This essay spotlights the measures taken by three health departments to address and lessen the impacts from extreme weather induced by climate change, and foster resilience within their communities.

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  • Connecticut Builds Climate and Health Resiliency

    Connecticut stands at a critical time for building climate and health resiliency. With growing climate-related health risks from heat, extreme weather, vector-borne disease, and air pollution, this is an all-hands moment requiring urgent action and collaboration to ensure everyone is safe, healthy, and resilient in a changing climate.

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  • Air Pollution, Global Warming and Cognition

    Cognition is critical to our well-being, as it determines an individual’s ability to contribute to society, make important decisions, and even run daily errands. But our decision-making and learning processes are vulnerable to environmental stressors.

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