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RSV-NET Surveillance


The Connecticut EIP's RSV-NET team conducts surveillance for severe Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections. Our staff work with the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CTDPH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local hospitals to conduct surveillance among residents of southern Connecticut. Together with other RSV-NET sites, our data provide estimates of RSV severity and seasonality in the US each year.

Why RSV-NET Data Are Important

RSV can cause serious disease that results in thousands of hospitalizations each year in the United States.

Tracking RSV-associated hospitalization rates helps public health professionals understand trends in virus circulation, estimate disease burden, and respond to outbreaks. Hospitalization rates are updated weekly on the RSV-NET Interactive Dashboard. Collecting demographic and more detailed clinical information, including underlying conditions, allows CDC to better understand RSV-associated hospitalization trends and determine who is most at risk.

Hospitalization rates show how many people in the surveillance area are hospitalized with RSV, compared to the total number of people residing in that area.

To learn more, visit the CDC website.

Project Contact:

Kimberly Yousey-Hindes, MPH, CPH
Program Manager, RESP-NET


  • Daewi Kim
  • Emily Zmek
  • Hazhia Sorosindi
  • Julia Desiato
  • Julie Plano
  • Noelle Labozzo
  • Melanie Szahaj