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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?
Are you a state or local public health worker, health educator, mental health professional, policymaker, environmental health professional, government official, clinician, advocate, or otherwise working in an area impacted by climate change? We created this program for you.
What are the admissions requirements?
Visit our How to Apply page for detailed information on our admissions process.
How long does the program take to complete?
The program is 21 weeks and consists of three six-week courses and one three-week region specific short course that run consecutively. For course start and end dates, please see the program schedule.
What region specific short course will I take?

Students will choose one of three region specific short courses to take (South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean).

What is the weekly time commitment?
We estimate the program should take about 5-7 hours of your time each week. Review our student experience page to learn what to expect.
How will I interact with course faculty?
Each week you will interact with course directors and discussion leaders through real-time, video-based discussion sessions. The required small group sessions will be open only to your small group of 15 or fewer learners who will meet each week for an in-depth discussion that builds on the topics addressed in the week's lectures and readings.
Will I need to come to the Yale campus in New Haven to participate in the certificate?
No, all components of the certificate program are online; there will be no residential requirements.
How do the online lectures and discussions work?
Visit our student experience page to learn more about the lecture and discussion components.
What are the English requirements?
The language of instruction for this program is English therefore applicants must be fluent in both oral and written English communication.
Must I complete all three courses and the short course to earn the certificate?

Yes. If space permits, students may be accepted to take an individual course in the program. However, to be eligible to receive the certificate, participants must successfully complete all three courses and one of the three short courses. Successful completion of each course includes:

  • Watching all required lecture videos
  • Completing all course assignments satisfactorily, and
  • Attending the required weekly real-time small group discussion sessions
Is a deposit required to secure my place in the program?

Yes, a deposit of 10% of your total tuition cost will be required if you are accepted and would like to enroll.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans may be available. Please reach out to to discuss your options.

How many times per year is this program offered?
This program will enroll participants two times per year in the spring (April) and in the fall (September).
What is the cost of attendance for the Climate Change and Health certificate program?
Please review the program costs page for further detail.
Are scholarships available?
Yes, please review the scholarship section on our program costs page for all the details.
What technology/computer specifications do I need to complete the certificate?

To participate in the Climate Change and Health Certificate, you will need consistent access to a computer, laptop, mobile device, or tablet capable of playing audio and video. To participate in live sessions, your device must be equipped with a camera and a microphone. This can be built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth. If using a computer, we recommended that it be 5 years old or newer when possible. If you enroll in the program, we will provide you with a list of technology recommendations before the program starts.

Does this program offer credit?
No, the program does not offer academic credit. Additionally, because the program is not credit-bearing, academic transcripts for completion of the program are not available.
Do you offer a 1098T form for U.S. tax deduction purposes?
No, because this program does not offer academic credit, we are not able to issue a 1098T form. Check with your tax preparer for more information on your eligibility to deduct training expenses.
Is this certificate eligible for FAFSA?

While applicants are not eligible for federal financial aid for this program, other need-based tuition assistance may be available. Also note that professional education related to your work may be eligible for a tax deduction - please check with your tax preparer.