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SalivaDirect is excited to be hosting our first-annual conference! We’re looking forward to spending time together to highlight the successes, partnerships, and connections we’ve built that have made our pandemic response efforts so impactful for communities across the country. The annual conference will serve as a networking opportunity as well as a venue for dynamic discussions about the future of SalivaDirect’s work and research.

Event Schedule


  • Department of Microbiology, School of Clinical Medicine, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong.

    Kelvin To
    Clinical Associate Professor and Department Chairperson
  • Porex Life Sciences Institute

    Avi Robbins
  • Brown University School of Public Health

    Leah Perkinson
    Director of Research Translation and Evaluation
  • Wichita State University

    Sarah Nickel
    Director of Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Co-Diagnostics Inc. (Co-Dx)

    Dwight Egan
    President & CEO
  • Idaho Molecular, a subsidiary of Co-Diagnostics Inc. (Co-Dx)

    Kirk Ririe
  • Gregory Patton
  • Corban University and Santiam Hospital Scope Laboratory

    Sarah Comstock, PhD, MB(ASCP)
    Professor of Biology and Consulting Scientist
  • Flambeau Diagnostics

    Steve Brauer
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Neelyx Labs

    James Parkin, PhD
    Senior Scientist
  • Neelyx Labs

    Shyam Saladi


Host Organization


Registration Fees: $175 – $325


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