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What We Do

We believe that to address the world’s most pressing public health challenges, we must be prepared to thrive in rapidly evolving contexts, break through silos to foster innovation, and elevate historically marginalized perspectives and experiences. For each of these, effective leadership is essential.

To drive transformation in management, leadership, and organizational performance, we work across three pillars: preparing leadership for success, transforming for equity, and strengthening health systems. These pillars guide our strategy and serve as an organizing principle for the projects in our portfolios. Cutting across all of these is our commitment to generating evidence. We bring our strengths to bear on global health issues as diverse as reaching every child with lifesaving immunizations, promoting racial equity in complex clinical outcomes, and strengthening the performance of national public health agencies and institutes.

3 pillars graphic

Preparing Leadership for Success

We build capacity among individuals and teams to solve complex problems with measurable impact. We do this through the engagement of mid- and senior-career professionals in online learning, in-person retreats, executive coaching, and mentored projects.

Transforming for Equity

We foster system- and organizational-level transformation in pursuit of health equity by convening diverse stakeholders, measuring and improving readiness to change, and shaping organizational culture to name and address racism in public health.

Strengthening Health Systems

We work directly with Ministries of Health to support their visions for health systems strengthening. We work together to build systems and tools for performance management and accountability, catalyze intersectoral leadership teams, and evaluate complex interventions to improve health systems performance.

Generating Evidence

We are engaged scholars bridging the gap between research and practice. We use rigorous and practical methods in health services research to generate and disseminate insights derived from, and immediately relevant to, global health policy and practice.