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Xiaoting Shi

Contact Information

Xiaoting Shi


Xiaoting Shi is a doctoral student in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. Her research and training focus on synthesizing evidence, conducting meta-research (i.e., research on research) projects, and applying causal inference methods in environmental epidemiology. In particular, she has developed an interest in and currently works on various research projects that: 1) synthesize and assess the evidence from literature, including systematic reviews, and umbrella reviews. 2) evaluate current publication practices, including evaluation of preprints, investigation of retracted publications, and estimation of publication fees. 3) conduct research on regulatory science, including evaluating regulatory policies by the US FDA and developing tools to facilitate real-world data to inform regulatory decision-making. Specifically, Xiaoting is part of the 2021-2022 CERSI Scholars Program to support regulatory science research that addresses the mission of the FDA. 4) utilize causal inference methods, including quantitative bias analysis and Mendelian randomization methods.

As a graduate teaching fellow at Yale, she has taught multiple courses and led various online workshops on research skills training for master students. She is also passionate about gaining more teaching experience in the future. Before coming to Yale, Xiaoting received her Bachelor's Degree in Preventive Medicine with a minor in Statistics in 2019.

Education & Training

  • BMedSci
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Preventive Medicine (2019)
  • BS
    East China Normal University, Statistics (Minor) (2019)