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Meet our Team

  • Department Chair and Susan Dwight Bliss Professor of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Sciences); Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health

    Trace Kershaw, PhD, focuses on the social and structural determinants of health (e.g., sexual health, substance use, mental health, reproductive health) among adolescents and emerging adults. His current focus is using innovative technologic methods to understand how social (e.g., how ones friends, partners, and family) and geographic context (e.g., how the places one goes and lives) influences their behaviors and health. Further, he is an expert in developing interventions aimed to improve the health and well being of adolescents and emerging adults.He is the Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Director of two HIV Training Grants (Yale AIDS Prevention Training, Research Education Institute for Diverse Scholars), and Director of the  the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA). He has twice won Mentor of the Year. He also serves on expert panels for the NIH and CDC and on several journal editorial boards.
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    Research Assistant 1 HSS

    Whitney Allen, MPH has contributed to public health through Yale for over 5 years. Allen is currently a Research Assistant for the Yale Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (TCORS) through Tobacco Research in Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. The research focuses on science-based approaches to better understand flavor influences on tobacco addiction and providing insight on tobacco regulation. Previously, Allen was a Research Assistant for Empower Neighborhoods and Relationships to Improve Community Health (ENRICH) over at the School of Public Health. The research focused on social ecological approaches to address health needs to better develop programs to strengthen social relationships and neighborhoods to improve community health.
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    Why are you with ENRICH? What motivates my affiliation with ENRICH is the genuine care and compassion all team members have for their communities and for creating positive change in them. Also, the never-ending kindness and empathy that every single person on the team has for each other shocks me in the best of ways each and everyday.Favorite Cartoon: My favorite video games are Super Mario Bros and Cooking Mama
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    Why are you with ENRICH? I’m with ENRICH because I’m interested in learning about health disparities and I really enjoy working with the team.Favorite Cartoon: I don’t watch cartoons but I have a lot to say about 90 Day Fiancé.
  • Associate Research Scientist in Public Health

    Dr. Simon is an Associate Research Scientist in Public Health (Social & Behavioral Sciences) and the Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science (CMIPS) at the Yale School of Public Health. She is a social epidemiologist whose research focuses on social and behavioral determinants of health, parenting, and community engagement. She applies both qualitative and quantitative methods to strengthen our understanding of the social and behavioral pathways that influence health and wellbeing of high-risk and vulnerable populations such as people diagnosed with HIV and injustice-impacted populations. Dr. Simon has co-authored peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter addressing Black Mental Health. She has presented her research domestically and internationally, including at the Danish and European Parliaments.
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    Why are you with ENRICH? Fourth Year PhD Student at Yale School of Public Health. My research interests are in the development and implementation of interventions to address substance abuse and related health outcomes. I’m working on the RENEW  study with hopes of using it to develop an intervention to help people who encounter potential triggers of return to use.Favorite Cartoon: I love all cartoons. I just started Steven Universe and really like it.