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Jeremy P. Koelmel

Associate Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

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Jeremy P. Koelmel

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Exposomics covers the interaction between environmental exposures, including from contaminants, diet, and drugs, with biological consequences. My specific interests within exposomics are to develop mass spectral and informatics approaches to more comprehensively characterize both the exposome (exogenous compounds) and endogenous (biological) molecules. I am also interested in the interaction between exogenous compounds and endogenous compounds which can lead to novel compounds, for example DNA adducts, small molecule adducts, and oxidation products. As oxidation products are a nearly universal indication of biological stress, developing tools to improve the coverage of oxidized molecules will aid in numerous applications. Through my future research, I aim to develop techniques that more comprehensively covering molecules which are indicative of our exposures and biological response, allowing researchers to determine mechanisms and markers linking health and the environment. Ideally, the research and mentoring during my career will result in changes in policy and education, and development of new treatments, which will reduce harmful exposures and their consequences.

Current focuses include PFAS software development, exposome monitoring using passive sampling and non-targeted mass spectrometry software solutions, and lipidomics.

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