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James Hadler, MD, MPH

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Clinical Professor of Epidemiology

Research Interests: The epidemiology of infectious diseases of public health import, particularly the relationship between socioeconomic status and these diseases; infectious disease control.

Dr. Hadler currently is a senior infectious disease and medical epidemiology consultant to the Connecticut and Yale Emerging Infections Programs, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists. He is involved in the description of health disparities using socioeconomic measures, and most projects conducted by the Connecticut and Yale EIPs, emphasis on epidemiology and prevention of human papilloma virus-related disease, influenza, and bacterial intestinal and respiratory infections.

Dr. Hadler’s main research interests are in the epidemiology, prevention and control of infectious diseases of public health importance in the U.S. For 25 years, from 1984-2008, he was the Connecticut State Epidemiologist and director of the state’s infectious disease surveillance and control programs. In that capacity he lead investigations into many infectious disease outbreaks and emerging infectious disease problems such as HIV, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, West Nile virus, anthrax, SARS, shiga-toxin producing E. coli and MRSA, and evaluated the impact of new vaccines on the epidemiology of their target diseases.


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Education & Training

Yale University (1982)
Columbia University (1972)
McGill University, Zoology, chemistry (1968)



Infectious diseases are one of the main contributors to global mortality and morbidity. The Division of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases (EMD) has a tradition of both research and teaching courses designed to understand the distribution, transmission, pathogenesis, and ultimately the control of pathogens. A unique feature of EMD is the strong laboratory component within an epidemiology division. Areas of excellence include HIV/AIDS, vector biology, parasitology, molecular epidemiology, immunology, and the modeling of infectious diseases.

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  • Hadler JL, Boulton ML, Dwyer L, Chao E and Lemmings J: Assessment of epidemiology capacity in state health departments - United States 2009. MMWR 2009; 58:1373-1377.
    Peer-Reviewed Original Research

Academic Achievements and Community Involvement

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    Top 10 stories of 2016 on Public Health Newswire for “Estimating Potential Reductions in Premature Mortality in New York City From Raising the Minimum Wage to $15” authored by Tsao T, Konty K, Van Wye G, Barbot O, Hadler J, Linos N and Bassett MT. AJPH. 2016 Jun;106(6):1036-41.

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    Paper of Year Award for “Solitary confinement and risk of self-harm among jail inmates” authored by Kaba F, Lewis A, Glowa-Kollisch S, Hadler J, Lee D, Alper H, Selling D, MacDonald R, Solimo A, Persons A and Venters H. AJPH 2014;104(3):442-447.

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