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Olivia Fassman

Contact Information

Olivia Fassman


High School - Joel Barlow High School, Redding, CT

Graduation date - June 2020

Attended Young Scholars - 2018

Young Scholars Mentor and YCAS Summer Intern - 2019

College - Cornell University (studying mathematics and computer science)

“I came into this program having little knowledge of biostatistics, computer science, and statistical analysis. My time as a Young Scholar opened my eyes to the inner machinery of clinical research. Being a numbers-oriented person, I was fascinated with how I could use my passion to help facilitate innovations in medicine. Coming back as an Intern, I was able to see the behind-the-scenes work of data analysts and inspire an incoming bunch of Young Scholars. It was, by far, the most valuable experience I've had in terms of career development and understanding possible paths for my future.”