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Peru – UPCH Yale


Lima, Peru

Site Institution

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru

US Institution

Yale School of Medicine

Research Focus: Malaria, Leptospirosis, Leishmaniasis, Hepatitis B

Dr. Vinetz has worked in Peru since 1998, collaboratively via NIH funding with UPCH on leptospirosis and malaria since 2003, with a FIC GID D43 training grant since 2004, and as a Research Professor at UPCH since 2009. He has had a laboratory on the UPCH Faculty of Sciences campus since 2010, a fully functioning field laboratory where experiments are carried out as well as the base for field work. The UPCH collaboration team has had a colony of Anopheles darlingi since 2013 for mosquito vector work, experimental mosquito infections, P. vivax sporozoite experiments and more. Potential research areas for a Fogarty Global Health fellowship at this research site: epidemiology, entomology, immunology, cell culture, field work, laboratory work on malaria, leptospirosis, leishmaniasis, hepatitis B, in the Amazon (Iquitos, Loreto) and in Lima. This collaboration group has had a D43 GID training grant and multiple NIH and European funding sources enable training of MSc, PhD, undergraduates and PostDocs at UPCH, and recruitment of BS and MSc students at Universidad Nacional de la Amazonia Peruana in Iquitos (UNAP).

All research directly addresses local Peruvian research capacity building priorities and Peruvian faculty and trainees are co-equal partners in needs assessment. We focus on global health equity by particularly focusing on trainees and faculty development from Iquitos (UNAP) as well as malaria research in distant study sites in the Loreto region. We focus on slum health by prospective cohort studies in the slum area of Belen, in Iquitos, particularly with regard to Leptospirosis research.