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School of Management (MBA/MPH)

Three-year joint degree program

Recognizing the increased importance of management content in both the public and private sectors of health services, the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) and the Yale School of Management (SOM) offer a joint degree program in management and public health. This program is especially oriented to individuals who plan careers in both sectors and who are interested in gaining increased knowledge of the core public health and business disciplines, and of the ways in which management skills can be applied in health care organizations.

This joint degree combines the YSPH two-year Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with the SOM two­ year Master of Business Administration (MBA). The joint degree program normally requires three years of study, and both degrees are awarded simultaneously at the conclusion of the three-year period. (It should be noted that the YSPH/SOM joint degree program is not the same as the health care management (HCM) track in the YSPH Department of Health Policy and Management.)

A joint degree is more than simply a list of courses taken at both Schools. It is an integrated educational program which is designed to achieve a combination of the two programs in a way that is complementary to both while protecting the integrity of each separate program.


Admission decisions are made independently by the School of Public Health and the School of Management. Students may apply to one school during their first academic year at the other, but are strongly urged to apply to both schools before matriculation. Applicants who apply simultaneously must indicate on each application that they are doing so. Students who are already enrolled in one of the programs must inform both programs of their intention to apply to become joint degree students. Students who are enrolled in SOM and wish to apply to YSPH should talk to the Dean of Student Affairs at the SOM. Students who are enrolled in YSPH and wish to apply to SOM should see the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or Registrar at YSPH.


The normal pattern for joint degree candidates is to spend the entire first year almost exclusively in one school (usually YSPH) and the entire second year almost exclusively in the other (usually SOM). In the third year, they register for one semester in each school, and complete both programs by the end of that year. The two schools have made accommodations in order to make possible the completion of the joint courses of study in three years without burdening students with extraordinary course loads in any term.

Course planning for joint degree candidates should be carried out in consultation with the appropriate educational officers at the School of Management and YSPH, and must satisfy the following general requirements:

The Public Health Component

Joint degree candidates must complete all of the core MPH courses as described in the School of Public Health Bulletin. All MPH students must complete the following core courses:
  • EPH 100a – Professional Skills Series (no credit)
  • EPH 505a - Biostatistics in Public Health
  • EPH 507a - Social Justice and Health Equity
  • EPH 508a - Foundations of Epidemiology and Public Health
  • EPH 510a - Health Policy and Health Care Systems
  • EPH 513b - Major Health Threats: Determinants and Solutions

Students must also complete all departmental requirements, an internship/ public health practice experience and the thesis/ capstone course. Students in any of the YSPH academic departments are eligible for the joint degree program.

The following exceptions to the standard YSPH curriculum apply to joint degree students:

The total number of YSPH course units required for the joint degree is reduced from 20 to 15. The MPH thesis counts as two course units. (If a student obtains an exemption for a required course, an elective must be substituted; an exemption does not reduce the total number of required course units below 15.) The YSPH Committee on Academic Progress reviews each student’s progress toward the YSPH component of the joint degree.

The Management Component

Students must take the School of Management core curriculum in its entirety as either the first or second year of the joint program. Joint degree students must complete all of SOM's degree requirements as described in the School of Management Bulletin. The SOM core curriculum consists of the following courses:
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Basics of Economics
  • Probability Modeling and Statistics
  • Modeling Managerial Decisions
  • Power and Politics
  • Negotiations
  • Competitor
  • Customer
  • Investor
  • Sourcing and Managing Funds
  • Global Virtual Teams
  • The Global Macroeconomy
  • Employee
  • Operations Engine
  • State and Society
  • Innovator
  • The Workforce
  • Leadership Distribution Requirement
  • Global Studies Requirement

Tuition and Financial Aid

Joint degree candidates will owe three terms of full-time tuition to YSPH and three terms of full-time tuition to SOM. Tuition is paid to the school where the student is in residence. Students requesting financial aid during a particular semester must make arrangements with the school charging tuition during that semester. Tuition, fees, and financial aid policies may differ between the two schools. Financial aid applications will be judged by each school according to its own policy. Students should consult the financial aid officers in each school for a description of their respective policies.