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Master of Public Health

A Flexible Degree for Your Future
The M.P.H. is well suited for individuals from a variety of academic and experience backgrounds seeking a career in public health. The two-year program consists of twenty course units over four semesters and a summer internship. Additionally, students are required to complete a Master’s thesis or capstone course. The program, which offers students specialization in one of our departments or the Health Care Management Program, ensures a solid grounding in the basic and applied sciences, and also provides students with learning experiences in the field.


The MPH curriculum, designed to give our students the breadth of skills and perspectives essential to careers in public health, is comprised of:

  • 20 course units (two years)
  • The MPH core curriculum
  • The Professional Skills Seminar
  • Introduction to Ethics and Public Health
  • Departmental courses
  • Electives
  • The applied practice experience and the summer internship
  • Master's thesis or capstone course

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum for the MPH program consists of 5 courses as well as the Professional Skills Seminar and an Introduction to Ethics and Public Health. Our foundational classes in biostatistics, epidemiology, social and structural determinants of health inequities, and health policy and health care systems ground students with the breadth of skill sets and perspectives essential to careers in public health. "Major Health Threats" is an interdisciplinary, team-taught course that uses a combination of lectures, case studies and vignette approaches. Students learn to actively apply concepts, hone data interpretation skills, and frame research and health solution projects.

  • EPH 505a - Biostatistics in Public Health (not required for BIS)
  • EPH 507a - Social Justice and Health Equity
  • EPH 513b - Major Health Threats: Determinants and Solutions
  • EPH 508a - Foundations of Epidemiology and Public health
  • EPH 515a - Ethics and Public Health: An Introduction
  • EPH 510a - Health Policy and Health Care Systems

Concentrations and Tracks

Climate Change and Health Concentration

Climate Change and Health has emerged as one of the most pressing public health issues of the century. Students in any MPH program may pursue the Climate Change and Health Concentration to add depth and perspective to their public health specialization.

Global Health

Here at YSPH, we believe that Global Health is Public Health. This means that it is not just a one department of study but rather an important theme that is woven throughout the program. Students in any department may also participate in the Global Health Concentration.

Public Health Modeling

YSPH is on the cutting edge of developing and assessing public health through mathematical modeling. Students in any department may also pursue the modeling concentration.

Regulatory Affairs Track

Because science and technology are moving at an ever-increasing pace, the food, drug and medical and diagnostic device industries must ensure that quality and regulatory requirements are met. This multi-disciplinary track prepares students from any department for roles in the area of regulatory affairs.

US Health and Justice Concentration

Vast, persistent and avoidable health inequalities by race, geography, class, gender identity and sexual orientation are well documented. Addressing these inequalities is both a critical challenge and critical objective for public health researchers and practitioners. This concentration is for students who want to not only research and understand health inequities, but to be agents of change for a new generation.

Public Health in Action

Public health research and practice are critical parts of the educational experience for Yale School of Public Health students, opening the door to a wide variety of public health careers. Our MPH students have practice and applied learning opportunities that include the intensive summer internship and practice-based courses. In addition, all students complete a capstone course or master's thesis within their department.

Unique Degree Options

  • 11-month Advanced Professional MPH
  • Accelerated MBA/MPH in Health Care Management
  • The 5-year BA-BS/MPH for Yale College Students
  • Online Executive MPH
  • Plus - Joint degrees with more than 10 Yale Programs and 4 international partners