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Competencies - Regulatory Affairs Track

Laying a Foundation

When you graduate from YSPH, you have options! Our curriculum is closely mapped to the core and departmental competencies so that you will have a foundation in the skills you need for a successful career in public health. See our Career Management Center pages to see where our alumni live and work after completing their MPH studies.

Track Competencies

Upon completion of the Track, students will be able to:

  • Upon completion of the Track, students will be able to: Utilize sound scientific and ethical standards that prepare you to ensure pharmaceutical, and secondarily, medical and diagnostic devices, meet quality and regulatory standards.
  • Develop/use leadership skills for conducting/overseeing research and clinical studies that are required by regulatory agencies.
  • Develop processes that will ensure clear and consistent decisions to the public and to regulatory agencies.
  • Assess/develop risk management strategies that can be used to get new products to the market swiftly, while assuring the consumer and regulatory bodies that efficacy and safety have been adequately preserved