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A David Paltiel, MBA, PhD

Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), Professor of Management, and Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies; Co-director, Public Health Modeling Concentration



The objective that guides Dr. Paltiel's scholarly activities is to promote a reasoned approach to decision making and resource allocation in public health and medicine. Trained in the field of Operations Research, Dr. Paltiel designs and implements policy models and cost-effectiveness analyses. He has a special interest and expertise in HIV/AIDS and has published broadly on the cost-effectiveness of testing, prevention, treatment, and care, both in the United States and around the world.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Yale University, Operations Research (1992)
  • MBA
    Yale University (1985)
  • BA
    McGill University (1981)


  • Cost-effectiveness of Packages of Interventions in Maternal-Child Health and Malnutrition
    Mirria, Niger 2016
    Cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of packages of nutrition and other health-promotion interventions implemented by NGO partners in Niger with a target population of 9000 children & Mothers.
  • HIV, Developing countries
    Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Cape Town, South Africa; Chennai, India 2010
    Optimizing HIV Care in Less Developing Countries
  • Health Management
    Milan, Italy 2008
    Professor Paltiel conducted instructional programs in health management.
  • HIV Testing Guidelines
    Paris, France; Lisbon, Portugal 2008
    Professor Paltiel works closely with the French Ministry of Health and the health surveillance branch of the French government to help them promulgate their first-ever national guidelines for routine HIV testing.
  • HIV Prevention and Care Cost-Effectiveness
    Cape Town, South Africa; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008
    With colleagues in South Africa, Professor Paltiel has researched and published on the cost-effectiveness of alternative HIV prevention and patient care interventions.

Departments & Organizations