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Mental Health

50 percent of Americans are diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetimes, leading to shortened life expectancy, and it is the third-most common cause of hospitalization. This, combined with the global impact of mental health treatment, demands effective and efficient public health approaches to assessment and intervention. Through cutting-edge research methods and community interventions, researchers at the Yale School of Public Health seek to understand the interplay of mental health with:

  • Substance use

  • Aging

  • Caregiving

  • Stigma and discrimination

  • Use of emerging technologies

  • Maternal depression on birth outcomes and parenting

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

  • Resilience among refugees and trauma survivors

  • Inequality and health

  • Survivorship

  • Social and environmental interactions

Practice- and community-based research and initiatives

  • The Community Alliance for Research and Engagement’s Renew Study collaborates with several local treatment centers, and incorporates substance-use counseling students from Gateway Community College in a formal internship partnership to provide further connections and dissemination to the community.

  • YSPH researchers are collaborating with the VA to decrease suicide risk in veterans through the engagement of their significant others, as well as minimizing access to means for lethal suicide. This work can aid in ending the increasing numbers of suicides in veterans, and lead to practice changes to implement the interventions. In addition, the research includes a model for collaboration with and engagement of civilian treatment services.

  • YSPH is collaborating on several randomized controlled trials to improve the implementation of maternal mental health services and suicide prevention, alongside local health systems and the communities they serve in Nepal and Pakistan.

  • Additionally, YSPH is collaborating on a nationwide quality-improvement initiative to increase the quality and uptake of maternal and neonatal health services in Ethiopia.