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Health System Performance: Quality, Efficiency, & Patient-Centeredness

Around the world, healthcare systems struggle to deliver high-quality, high-value patient-centered care in the face of limited budgets and rising medical costs, combined with rapid changes in the practices and organization of healthcare providers. At the Yale School of Public Health, we explore the factors that shape current practices, along with the potential impact from innovative approaches from a combination of disciplinary perspectives. Over the past several decades, faculty have generated path-breaking research examining:

  • The impact of health-insurance reforms on the quality of healthcare

  • The scope and effects of variation in health care prices

  • The role of enhanced medical consumerism in shaping health-system performance

  • The development of innovative approaches to assessing patient experience, and to deploying feedback from patients to make healthcare more responsive, more humane and higher in quality

  • The consequences, positive and negative, from the implementation of public policies that incentivize or regulate aspects of the healthcare system

  • Innovative methods for assessing the cost-effectiveness of new policy approaches

Practice- and community-based research and initiatives

Through the Global Health Leadership Institute, YSPH collaborates worldwide to address the quality and management of healthcare, including the Yale Health and Social Care Strategic Leadership Programme with the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, the Yale Hospital Management and Leadership Program in China and Project Last Mile in South Africa.