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Sakinah Carter Suttiratana

Associate Research Scientist

Contact Information

Sakinah Carter Suttiratana, PhD, MPH, MBA

Research Summary

Dr. Suttiratana currently serves as Coordinator for the Yale Cancer Disparities Firewall Project, a partnership between the Yale School of Public Health and the Yale Cancer Center. The project aims to improve primary prevention, secondary prevention and screening behaviors among New Haven residents while building health promotion infrastructure to benefit local cancer prevention and control. Other research includes a study of diet and physical activity habit formation among transnational, immigrants from the Caribbean and using mixed methods research to improve care and medical devices for youth with Type 1 diabetes mellitus and their families. Beyond her interests in health promotion and population health, she is also interested in globalization and the movement of health and wellness concepts around the world, mixed methods research.

Extensive Research Description

Cancer disparities; Modifiable risk factors, context and decision-making

Research Interests

Early Detection of Cancer

Public Health Interests

Cancer; Community Health; Global Health; Non-Communicable Diseases; Health Equity, Disparities, Social Determinants and Justice