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Outline of Eviction Process in New Haven: Areas for Intervention

Common Reasons for Eviction

  1. Lease Violation
  2. Rent Unpaid
    1. Notice to Quit Served by Landlord
    2. Landlord Files Complaint in Court
    3. Landlord Serves Tenant with Summons
    4. Tenant Files Answer, Hearing Scheduled

Court Process

  1. Landlord and Tenant Go to Trial
    1. Tenant Misses Hearing, Court Rules in Favor of Landlord
    2. Tenant Settles with Stipulation to Pay
    3. Tenant Settles with Stipulations to Leave after Certain Period
      1. Tenant Violates Stipulations
      2. Landlord Applies for Execution Hearing
      3. Tenant Loses
        1. Tenant Granted Stay of Execution (typically 5-day)
        2. Landlord Obtains Summary Process Execution
        3. State Marshall Physically Removes Tenant & Belongings
          1. Belongings Collected by City of New Haven
            1. Belongings Put in Storage
              1. Tenant Pays Fee to Retrieve Belongings
              2. City Sells Belongings at Auction

Knock-on Effect

  1. State Marshall Physically Removes Tenant & Belongings
  2. Notice to Quit Serviced by Landlord
  3. Tenant Leaves Voluntarily
    1. Tenant "Doubles-Up" with Friends/Family
    2. Tenant Self-Resolves
    3. Tenant becomes Homeless
    4. Tenant Enters the Shelter System
  1. Utility Shuts Off
    1. Try to Negotiate with Utility Company
      1. Administrative Hearing
        1. Agreement made: utilities turned back on or remain off