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Practice-based Community Health Research (EPH542)

Sarah Weingarten, Camille Fonseca and Adriana Collings present their practicum work at a poster session of the American Public Health Association annual conference.

The Practice-based Community Health Research course at the Yale School of Public Health has benefited dozens of organizations since it was first offered in 1968. Each year, community organizations propose projects for students to develop skills in planning and designing practice-based community health research projects. Those whose proposals are accepted commit to acting as preceptors for the term-long project.

Today’s climate calls for evidence-based practices in public health. Organizations benefit from the products produced by the students, which are based on an ecological framework, principles of public health ethics, and team effort. Each project culminates with in-person presentations and a white paper suitable for distribution to the community.

Community organizations interested in benefiting from such a project and serving as preceptors to MPH students, are encouraged to contact Debbie Humphries for further information.

See the Approved Projects/Prospectus for Spring 2022.

We have implemented several of the groups recommendations with positive results. Yale student groups have met our need for actionable suggestions that directly impact the health status of our very vulnerable and underserved guests.

Catherine Zall, Executive Director, New London Homeless Hospitality Center

These students are like having a mini consulting group. We knew there were disparities. This study confirmed our suspicions and gives us a basis to find the funding to address it.

Susan Lane, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England