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Environmental justice and health disparities

Communities of socioeconomic disadvantage are more likely to be exposed to harmful pollutants compared to other communities. Adverse health outcomes resulting from these environmental exposures may be exacerbated by disproportionately greater underlying socioeconomic stressors. The work of faculty in the EHS department investigates the disparate impact of water and air pollutant exposures through community-based participatory research project.

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Faculty and Research Topics
  • Nicole Deziel
    • Dr. Deziel is investigating the interplay between socioeconomic stressors and chemical exposure in the Appalachian Basin as part of the WATER Study. She is also collaborating with Professor Michelle Bell to better quantify the complex combination of social and environmental stressors.
  • Robert Dubrow
  • Gary Ginsberg
  • Krystal Pollitt
    • Dr. Pollitt works with the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts to investigate environmental factors found in the home that are linked with asthma exacerbations. She also serves on the steering committee of the Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition based in Springfield, MA.

Secondary Faculty: