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Yale Virtual Town Hall to Address the Latest on Pandemic: Email Q's Thru 4:30 pm on 3/18

March 17, 2020

A panel of seven experts from Yale and the City of New Haven will meet in a virtual town hall Wednesday (March 18) to inform the public and policymakers on the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic.

Convened by the Yale School of Public Health, the wide-ranging discussion will address and answer questions on the following issues:

  • Disease symptoms
  • Worst-case scenarios
  • Protecting yourself and your family
  • Coping with changing routines
  • Legal rights
  • Yale’s response
  • New Haven’s response

“It’s critical that people have the latest and best information available and this panel will provide that,” said Gregg Gonsalves, assistant professor at the Yale School of Public Health and the event’s moderator. “We could not have a better group of panelists to address what people need to know during what is the defining public health emergency of our time.”

To prevent further spread of the disease, each of the panelists will link into the town hall from their homes and respond to questions submitted by the public. Send your questions to the experts at by 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. The recording will be posted and available for viewing on Thursday, March 19.

Topics and panelists include:

1. What is coronavirus? Is it “like” the flu? What are its symptoms, its prognosis for different risk groups? Ellen Foxman, Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology, Yale School of Medicine

2. What are the possible scenarios that could play out over the next few weeks and months? How bad might it get? Sten Vermund, Dean and Anna M.R. Lauder Professor of Public Health, Yale School of Public Health

3. What can we do to protect ourselves, our families, our communities? Ann Kurth, Dean and Linda Lorimer Professor, Yale School of Nursing

4. How can we cope with the changes in our lives we’re being asked to make? Rajita Sinha, Foundations Fund Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

5. What can we do to ensure our rights our being respected? Amy Kapczynski, Professor, Yale School of Law

6. What is Yale doing?Paul Genecin, Chief Executive Officer, Yale Health

7. What is New Haven doing? Mehul Dalal, Community Services Director, City of New Haven

This is the second town hall on coronavirus hosted by the Yale School of Public Health and its partners. The first was held on February 6 and a video recording can be viewed here

Submitted by Sayuri Gavaskar on March 17, 2020