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The Yale Larynx Lab chosen as cover of Oncotarget, Vol 11, Issue 35

September 01, 2020

The Yale Larynx Lab is pleased to share that their paper in Oncotarget has been selected for the cover page of the issue! The recent paper, "The temporal effects of topical NF-κB inhibition, in the in vivo prevention of bile-related oncogenic mRNA and miRNA phenotypes in murine hypopharyngeal mucosa: a preclinical model," by Dimitra P. Vageli, David Kasle, Sotirios G. Doukas, Panagiotis G. Doukas, and Clarence T. Sasaki, was published September 1, 2020. Oncotarget selected the image from Figure 4 for the cover, "The in vivo pre- or post- topical application of BAY 11-7082 prevents the acidic bile-induced deregulation of cancer-related miRNA markers in 10-day exposed murine HM," by Vageli, et al.

To read the entire article by The Yale Larynx Lab, please visit Oncotarget at

Submitted by Christy Collins on September 08, 2020