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Dr. Donna Spiegelman, Director of Yale’s Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science, Receives Grant to Support Community Organizations in Ending the HIV Epidemic

November 18, 2020

To strengthen the quality of, and technical expertise available to, projects funded by federal agencies as part of Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America (EHE), Donna Spiegelman, ScD, Director of the Yale School of Public Health’s Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science (CMIPS), has been awarded the NIH grant “R3EDI: Rigorous, Rapid, & Relevant Evidence aDaptation & Implementation to Ending the HIV Epidemic. She will direct one of five recently funded implementation science hubs providing technical assistance to 35 EHE projects.

The seven EHE projects assigned to R3EDI are based in New York City, New Jersey, Alabama, Mississippi, and Cook County, Illinois, and will leverage faith-based partnerships, use telehealth to provide routine HIV care, reengage and retain HIV+ individuals in long-term care, and provide patient focused management and clinical decision support for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). “We are thrilled,” says Dr. Spiegelman, “to have been given this opportunity to partner with front-line community-based organizations around the country and to put our technical skills to work in a collaborative effort to end the AIDS epidemic in this country.”

Further information about R3EDI, please see the related link above.

Submitted by William Tootle on November 18, 2020