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Canvas Tech Tip - Using the Media Library

February 11, 2022

Your course lectures and recorded live sessions are available for you to watch any time once they are released. It can be very useful to watch your course videos from the full screen Media Library view. From either the Modules or the Media Library tab, you can click on the arrow icon (pointing up and right) at the bottom of any video screen in order to watch videos from the Media Library view. This will provide a larger viewing screen, transcripts, the option to bookmark moments in the video, the ability to take notes while watching, and allow you to leave public comments on the videos. You can also search from this view, and the tool will search both the presentation and spoken content for your terms. If you are having any trouble watching videos from your Media Library, you can see some instructions to get logged in properly here.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on February 11, 2022