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Public Health Innovation Exchange

Public Health Innovation Exchange (PHIX) is the YSPH peer-to-peer network that supports involvement and engagement with Innovate Health Yale (IHY) and Tsai CITY entrepreneurship programs and opportunities. Membership is reserved for full-time, in-person students who are actively working on a for-profit commercial product and/or service or are willing to commit time to support another student's project in some capacity (e.g., assist with market research, competitor analysis, pitch deck creation & practice, etc.).

Members are serious about materializing their visions/pursuing solutions to pressing public health problems and should be willing to commit to weekly in-person attendance for at least the Fall 2022 semester. A 1-2 hour weekly time commitment is anticipated.

PHIX functions as an informal, organic accelerator to assist with problem identification & solutions, sustainable business model design, pitch deck creation and practice, peer-to-peer networking at YSPH and other student-led Yale entrepreneurial organizations, risk-free review of ideas, and general mentorship to strengthen one's concept and approach to implementation.

To learn more, please connect with a member of the officer board below: