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GHLI in the United Kingdom

Through forums in the UK and on the Yale campus, GHLI prepares executives from across the NHS to drive meaningful improvements in health and social care.

GHLI partners with Health Education England to offer the Yale Strategic System Leadership Programme for STP Footprints. This program engages teams of senior leadership from Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints across the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom (U.K.).

Grounded in a framework of strategic problem solving and leadership, the program prepares delegates to lead in an increasingly complex system and catalyze partnerships across disciplines to affect system-wide improvements. The nine-month program includes intensive weeks of study both in the U.K. and the U.S. to enable close comparative analyses and an exchange of perspectives that help generate creative solutions to health care problems common to both countries. Between forums, participants undertake ambitious projects in their home organizations to apply and refine their new skills and achieve measurable improvements in service delivery and health outcomes.

Like many countries dealing with rising health care costs, aging populations, and public calls for reform, the United Kingdom is making substantial changes within the NHS. To prepare NHS executives, commissioners, and others in leadership roles to navigate this reform, GHLI and the South Essex Partnership Foundation Trust (SEPT) created the Health and Social Care Leadership Programme in 2007. Since then the program has grown to a national stage, evolving in response to the changing structures and reform priorities of the country. Over 300 alumni have graduated from the program, many now serving in the highest offices across the NHS.