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YSPH-SBS 525 Seminar Series: Dr. Gabriel Murchison, Yale: “Experiences and Priorities of Transgender and Nonbinary Young Adults Creating Online Sexual Content”

Dr. Gabe Murchison (he/him) is a postdoctoral fellow in the Yale AIDS Prevention Training Program. His research addresses sexual assault, intimate partner violence, mental health, and substance use among adolescents and young adults. A primary goal of his research is to identify and intervene on the multiple pathways by which anti-LGBTQ stigma, in combination with racism, sexism, and ableism, may contribute to disparities in adolescent/young adult interpersonal violence involvement and problematic substance use. His work also addresses the dynamics of identity-related stigma and support in close relationships, such as family and romantic relationships, and their implications for mental health and substance use among young LGBTQ people. Methodologically, he is interested in applying models that address complex causal scenarios (e.g., intermediate confounding) to interpersonal violence and health disparities research.






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