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YSPH Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences and CIRA Spring 2023 Seminar Series: Tyler Harvey, MPH

"Mass Incarceration as a Sociostructural Determinant of Health for LGBTQ+ Populations"

Tyler Harvey, MPH, Center Administrator, SEICHE Center for Health and Justice, Yale School of Medicine

Increasingly, it is accepted that incarceration is harmful to the health of individuals, families, and communities in the United States. Yet, limited research documents how mass incarceration may shape the health of LGBTQ+ populations, despite that LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely to experience incarceration compared to their heterosexual, cisgender counterparts. This presentation will aim to accomplish the following: 1) provide theoretical frameworks exploring the overrepresentation of LGBTQ+ individuals within the criminal legal system, and 2) present novel research detailing the unique health effects of incarceration on LGBTQ+ individuals.



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