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VA LGBT Research: Projects in Trends Analysis and Natural Language Processing

Series: The Joint GW – CNHS Informatics Seminar Series presents VA LGBT Research

Speakers: Joseph L. Goulet, PhD; Luke Lindemann, PhD; and T. Elizabeth Workman, PhD

Description: Sexual orientation and gender identity are of clinical importance to both providers and researchers.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients experience a disproportionate burden of

many health concerns, including chronic disease, suicide, and sexual victimization. Within the

epidemiology, linguistic, and informatics domains, there are efforts addressing health disparities in

the LGBT community. In this talk, we will introduce this important area of research, and describe

two current projects: Temporal, Clinical, and Geographic Patterns of Documentation of LGBTQ

Keywords in Clinical Notes, and A Prototype Application to Identify LGBT Patients in Clinical

Notes. The first project applies trend analysis techniques to better understand documentation trends

in VA LGBT patient care. The second project applies machine learning and rule-based methods to

identify LGBT patients in VA clinical notes.

The attached flyer provides more information, including the WebEx link for joining the seminar. Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, this event will be held exclusively online.

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  • VA Connecticut Healthcare System

    Joseph L. Goulet, PhD
  • George Washington University

    T. Elizabeth Workman, PhD
  • Yale University

    Luke Lindemann, PhD





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