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Practice Lecture Series: InnovateHealth Yale

Join the Office of Public Health Practice and InnovateHealth Yale for a lecture about public health innovation. Now, more than ever, there is a need for creative, innovative solutions to public health challenges.


Leslie Asanga, CEO and Co-Founder, Pills2Me CEO and Co-founder, Urpharm

Urpharm aims to facilitate access to authentic drugs by providing a platform by which patients can easily locate these drugs, compare prices between pharmacies, and purchase the drugs with just a few clicks.

Pills2Me partners with pharmacies to connect patients with volunteer drivers. Our goal is to promote public health and prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Billy Huang, CEO and Co-Founder, Source Development Hub

Source Development Hub is a service aimed to reduce evictions and homelessness for tenants, eviction-associated costs for landlords, and care burdens for social service providers, in New Haven, Connecticut. The goal of the platform is to develop an accurate metric to assess individual level housing vulnerability using input data from United Way’s 211 service, the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Coordinated Access Network (CAN) provider intake, internal platform surveys, and citywide markers of socioeconomic status, and to use that metric to improve housing outcomes.

Marina Marmolejo, Founder and Co-Executive Director, DreamKit

DreamKit connects youth (under 25) with virtual resources, rewards their growth, and shares their progress with the community. DreamKit members receive $5 gift cards for completing online activities and builds profiles for them that reflect their progress to be shared with employers, landlords, and mentors.



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