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Climate Change and Health Seminar Series: Dr. Pablo Mendez-Lazaro on "Dust storms, socio-environmental factors, and COVID-19 in Puerto Rico"

Join the Yale Center on Climate Change and Health as we welcome Dr. Pablo Méndez-Lázaro, Associate Professor in Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico-Medical Science Campus. Dr. Mendez-Lazaro will speak on "Dust storms, socio-environmental factors, and COVID-19 in Puerto Rico." Registration is required. This virtual event will be streamed online only.

Dr. Méndez-Lázaro is one of the six scientists nominated by the Governor of Puerto Rico and confirmed by both the Senate and House of Representatives of Puerto Rico for the Executive Committee on Climate Change Adaptation Plan. He is currently PI and Co-PI on NASA research projects applying Earth Observing Data to research on public health and vulnerable populations. Most recently, he was invited by the US Global Change Research Program to serve as the Chapter Lead for the US Caribbean Chapter of the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5).





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