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Rachel Ebling

Elevate-Affiliated Researcher

Associate Research Scientist

Rachel Ebling, Ph.D., is the Director of Research and Evaluation for the Parent & Family Development Program within Yale Child Study Center—a program that supports the intersection between adult mental health/wellness and the parenting role. A licensed clinical psychologist in Connecticut, Dr. Ebling has expertise in the development, delivery, and evaluation of intervention programs for parents, including programs that target maternal mental health, the parent-child relationship, co-parenting, CBT, and emotion regulation. Dr. Ebling has led the development and adaptation of many manualized interventions for MOMS Partnership®, including adaptations for specific populations of mothers and specific community contexts. She has expertise in treatment fidelity assessment, program evaluation, and observational and qualitative research methods. She has over two decades of experience designing such measures for interventional research studies and programs, and she enjoys training students and others in these approaches.